Spark YQL is Lethbridge’s first independent news outlet — and we're covering COVID-19 from a local perspective.

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Lethbridge's first independent news source.

Building a stronger community, together.

In these uncertain times, journalism that informs and brings the community together has never been more important. We need news that asks hard questions as we grapple with our shared future.

Independent start-up Spark YQL will fill a gap in the local media landscape by bringing you in-depth news built in Lethbridge, for Lethbridge.

And we’ll build it together through consistency, transparency, and inclusive representation. Local stories that spark a conversation.

We dig for the truth and present comprehensive reporting that is factual, balanced, and original. We amplify underrepresented voices and strive to promote the rich diversity of cultures within our community.

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What we're hearing from the community.

As we plan our launch, we're hearing lots of encouragement from the community.


"Well-rounded, deeper investigative coverage is important.”
- Knud P.

“Investigative journalism is all but gone.”
- Sherri G.

We need more “digging past the press release, asking powerful questions.”
- Trevor L.


"I want the news to recognize that the voices of community members are just as, if not more, important than our elected officials.”
- Monica L.

“Journalism should aim to view the community and represent the diverse opinions, perspectives, and stories of people in the community.”
- Chloe G.


"So many people/programs are overlooked because they don't get the coverage they deserve.”
- Taylor O.

“We need more stories about under-represented and vulnerable populations; deeper investigations, podcasts, comics!”
- Eric D.

The team.

Spark YQL is led by local journalist Melissa Villeneuve.

With over six years of journalism experience in local news, I’m ready to dig deep to tell your stories. Let’s better understand our community and our place within it - together.

Our work.

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